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Controls & Automation Services

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Controls Design

From power distribution to sensors and actuators, we'll design a quality control system for you.
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PLC Programming

A well designed, professionally developed PLC program is the foundation for long term success.
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We offer traditional HMI and SCADA systems, as well as innovative headless and web based approaches.
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Vision Systems

We can do traditional machine vision systems or cutting edge neural network based approaches.
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Beat part shortages and long lead times.

When a critical machine is down, the last thing you want to hear from your vendor is that the lead time for the part you need is months.

But the real problem is that you were locked in to that  part and supplier in the first place. You'd never tolerate office software that only ran on one model of computer. Why accept that mentality with your critical production equipment?

It's time to bring automation controls up to date. Drop in replacements from different brands are possible if the system was designed for it.

We put you back in charge of your controls systems with flexible, vendor neutral design.

Why Choose Us?

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Higher Equipment Availability

Vendor neutral design and quality programming means your machines spend less time down for repairs, and more time making you money.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Universal components means fewer parts on the shelf and less money tied up in inventory. You'll also reduce time wasted searching for parts and talking to vendors.

Better Operator Experience

HMIs that can be accessed from a phone or tablet can make maintenance and setup tasks a breeze. Your machines will be back in operation faster, and your operators will be happier.

Future Proof Equipment

The automation industry has a reputation for being slow to adapt, but it is changing. Standards based controls are the future, and for good reason. We'll design a system that will be maintainable far into the future.


Vendor Neutral Design

Wherever possible we'll opt for components based on well accepted industry standards. This means more options for you when repairs or upgrades are needed and supply chains are tight.

Quality Programming

Well designed and documented code that follows good software engineering practices will save enormous amounts of time and money when it's time to maintain and upgrade.

Modern Technology

We build web based HMI and SCADA systems that can be accessed from anywhere on your network...or locked down to one machine for security.

We build web based HMI and SCADA systems that can be accessed from anywhere on your network...or locked down to one machine for security.

Ongoing Support

Any solution will need to be adjusted as your business grows and changes. At Lanco Tech we are committed to your long term success, and will work with you to maintain and upgrade your solution as needed.

Expert Advice

You don't need to be an engineer when you have one on call. We've invested the years it takes to build genuine technical expertise so you don’t have to.

Software Integrations

We can build interfaces to connect your manufacturing equipment to your back office systems.

A Team Player

Your long term satisfaction is our top priority. We'll build a system that puts your interests first.

A Local Connection

Lanco Tech is based in, you guessed it, entrepreneurial Lancaster County PA. We understand the culture and we understand small business. Und ja, wir können Deutsch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms do you work with?

Rockwell Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Yaskawa, Beckhoff,  Automation Direct, Mitsubishi, Unitronics and others.

We are also experienced with platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Beagle Boards.

Given the choice, we strongly favor open and modern platforms that support all of the IEC 611131-3 languages.

We use (brand) in our facility. Can you use that brand in your design?

Of course. Sometimes there are valid reasons to consolidate your controls around a particular brand.
However, when systems are designed using proper standards, you'll find it much easier to bring in other platforms when it is appropriate.

What programming languages do you use?

While we are able to program machines in any of the IEC 61131-3 languages, we strongly favor structured text for portability.

We are also experienced with C/C++, Python, MicroPython, and Javascript.

Do you offer turn-key machine control packages?

Yes. Get in touch and we'll specify and quote your system.

Are your systems reliable?

Vendor neutral design does not mean using low quality components. In fact, such a system can be designed using components from any of the major brands.

The key is design philosophy and component selection. When done properly, you'll have the flexibility to bring in the best components available.

A sales man said we shouldn't build our systems this way.

Give him a donut. He's probably just hungry. :)

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