Work directly with an expert US-based engineer to develop custom software applications that save time and help you grow your business.
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Work more efficiently with the right tools for the job.

Your started your own business for a reason and it probably had nothing to do with outdated software and clunky spreadsheets.

But that is why we got into business - to help entrepreneurs like you move forward with the custom software tools they need to grow and thrive.

So whether you need to organize workflows, manage data, or automate processes, we’ve got you covered.

Eliminate broken spreadsheets, entering the same data twice, and struggling to organize information scattered across multiple sources.

We’ll build the custom software you need to work quickly and efficiently, so you can concentrate on growing the business you love.

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Custom Software Services

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Web Apps

Web based apps are the way to go when you need to access your software from anywhere, and using different devices.
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Specialized Tools

Single purpose tools can save an incredible amount of time. Processes that take hours by hand can be done in seconds with the right script.
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Desktop PC

Desktop Software

When you have a dedicated machine and minimal networking, a native application might be the right choice.
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Why Develop Custom Software?

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Ensure Tasks are Completed Correctly

Custom software allows you to define processes and ensure that all the steps are completed in the right order.
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Save Time and Money with Automation

Avoid doing things by hand when they could be done automatically. Get work done faster and with fewer errors.

Organize and Control Your Data

Collect the data you need in one place and control who has access. No more opening multiple programs to piece together the information you need.

What will you get?

A Customized Solution

Get exactly the functionality you need instead of trying to adapt your process to generic, one size fits all, software.

Software You Own

When you own your software you don’t have to worry about discontinued products, unwanted interface changes, or price increases. Keep your mission critical tools under your control.

Modern Technology

We use modern software tools and processes to ensure your solution remains viable for years to come. We rely on mature, widely used frameworks for maximum reliability and security.

Ongoing Support

Any solution will need to be adjusted as your business grows and changes. At Lanco Tech we are committed to your long term success, and will work with you to maintain and upgrade your solution as needed.

Expert Advice

You don't need to be an engineer when you have one on call. We've invested the years it takes to build genuine technical expertise so you don’t have to.

Software Integrations

We can build interfaces to connect your custom software to your other systems, including low-code tools.

A Team Player

Your long term satisfaction is our top priority. If we know of an off the shelf program that might fit your needs we’ll tell you about it.

A Local Connection

Lanco Tech is based in, you guessed it, entrepreneurial Lancaster County PA. We understand the culture and we understand small business. Und ja, wir können Deutsch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does custom software cost?

Most projects fall in the $3,000 to $120,000 range, with an average cost of $36,000.

How long does it take to build a custom application?

Project timelines range from 4 to 12 months, averaging around 4.5 months.

What is your hourly rate for software developers?

Our base rate for engineering services is $100/hr.

What is your software development process?

We use an agile process, with bi-weekly updates. We seek to adjust based on customer feedback throughout the project.

Will my custom application be secure?

We rely on industry leading service providers and follow security best practices. Since most software breeches occur from within organizations, we'll advise you on ways to mitigate those risks as well.

Will my software be reliable?

We use robust and well vetted software frameworks and libraries. We'll help you determine potential causes of downtime and how to reduce or eliminate them. Where appropriate we can design redundancy into your system for added reliability.

Will my software be maintainable and upgradeable?

Custom built applications offer more flexibility for maintenance and upgrades than off the shelf software. You'll be able to make changes when it works best for you, not on someone else's schedule. When's the last time your computer asked you if now is a good time for an update, or if you actually wanted the interface to change?

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